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November 14 2017

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What are the best work boots for 2017 ?

Well-being begins with the feet. Anyone who has had wet feet for a long time can give a good testimony of how important it is to choose the right footwear before undertaking any adventure.

There are many types of boots, but would you know how to choose the right ones for the activity you are going to carry out? We give you a hand so you do not lose your head with your feet.


It is one of the boot models with the greatest historical trajectory and that with the passage of time has been experimenting small steps forward to incorporate all the technological advances.

It is made of high resistance nubuck that prevents the boot from being damaged with its intensive use. To ensure that the foot is not dampened by rain or moisture, both the inner and outer fabric has been treated with an insulating process, reinforced by heat-sealed seams. To make them more comfortable they have anti-fatigue technology.

Approx price: 190 euros

It is a versatile boot with a clear orientation towards hiking. It is made of hydrofuged nubuck leather that keeps the foot completely isolated from the outside.

To keep the indoor temperature stable, both cold and warm, the Boxer Boa has a Gore-Tex coating. It also incorporates a closure system by screwing that facilitates a perfect fit in both the instep and the ankle, increasing comfort when walking and decreasing the risks of injury due to internal displacement of the foot.

Approx price: 150 euros


Comfort and efficiency united in a boot model that you will not mind wearing with jeans or your sportswear at any time of the year.

It is made of split leather and water-repellent nylon, able to repel both water and fatty liquids without problems, so your feet will always be properly insulated. In addition, thanks to its waterproof and breathable membrane, any trace of sweat or moisture inside it will disappear quickly.

Your sole will allow you to walk on any surface without fear of slipping.

Approx price: 70 euros

Keys to choose your boots

Comfort is undoubtedly the first detail to take into account when choosing footwear. To achieve it, you must not forget some factors:
What activity are you going to carry out? Not all boots serve the same practices, so keep in mind what you are going to do with them before buying them.

Is there going to be a lot of humidity (rain, snow) when you use them? The greater the exterior waterproofing they have, the less perspiration they will allow. The ideal is to find a balance between both factors.
Always try the full pair. The feet are usually not the same. If you notice any discomfort, discard that model. Be patient. In the long run you will appreciate it.
Always check that your fingers do not rub against the toe. The optimal space must be at least one finger to avoid chafing.
When trying on your new shoes, do it with socks similar to those you are going to wear in your practice, and preferably in the afternoon, since it is the time of the day when the feet are more swollen.
Walk a few minutes with your boots and, if possible, go up and down a ladder. Check its flexibility, if it produces chafing and if it allows to articulate well the foot to drive the pedals of the car.



If there is a legendary boot, that is the Wellington of the British firm Hunter.

It is a model with more than 50 years of history, although it is designed eminently as a boot for rain and snow, it can be used whenever the humidity in the environment is high.

It is made of natural rubber coated internally with nylon that increases overall comfort and prevents foot moisture. To enhance their off-road spirit, the Wellingtons feature an anti-slip rubber sole and vulcanized reinforcements on the instep and ankles.

Approx price: 115 euros




An authentic all-terrain boot with which to walk comfortably on any terrain, regardless of its condition and the presence or not of mud or water.

Thanks to its rubber structure, completely prevents the penetration of water or moisture inside the boot, so that the feet remain dry under any circumstances.

They have a very resistant sole and a drawing that contributes to expelling the water when stepping on, which avoids to a great extent the uncomfortable skids. An ideal boot for free time in the rainy season.

Approx price: 25 euros

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